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Hepzibah aka: The Village

Tatort:  Rache-Engel (Scene of the Crime:  Avenging Angel)

The Spider

Soko Donau/Wien (Vienna Crime Squad)

The 13th Disciple

Tatort: Rache-Engel (Scene of the Crime: Avenging Angel)

About the film: Robert Sigl - Tatort:  Rache-Engel (Scene of the Crime:  Avenging Angel)

Vera Schneider, well-known chairperson of a charitable foundation, formerly a celebrated pianist, is honoured for her commitment to the resocialisation of young prisoners. A few hours later the charity lady is found dead - after falling from her balcony. The forensic evidence left by the perpetrator in the apartment points to robbery with murder. The team around Max Palu has to deal with five suspects: Heinz Schneider, boss of Schneider Machine-Tools, a cold-blooded character who wanted to get rid of his wife because she stood in the way of his newly-arranged private life. Martin, the lost son, who has recently reappeared on the scene. Marion, their adopted daughter, seriously traumatised since a car accident. Eva-Maria Klein, Vera Schneider's office manager in the foundation, who has left her traces in many suspicious places. And the only slightly resocialised petty criminal Moshi, one of Vera's protégés and an old friend of Martin's. 
Max Palu finds himself under pressure - for his new Superintendent Klausmann is demanding a swift solution. Particularly since the latter wants no suspicion cast on Heinz Schneider as 1,000 jobs depend on his investments. This becomes increasingly difficult since someone, who knows more than the investigators, keeps leaking details to the media.


Jochen Senf, Gregor Weber, Renée Soutendijk, Alexander Held, Nikolai Kinski, Annett Renneberg, Sylvester Groth

Directed by:
Robert Sigl

Screenplay by:
Andreas Föhr, Thomas Letocha, Jochen Senf

Cinematography by:
Klaus-Peter Weber

Music by:
Frank Nimsgern

A Telefilm Saar Production

16. 11. 2017


16. 09. 2017

December 1, 2017, is the street date for Robert Sigl's cult movie LAURIN, beautifully restored and remastered by the highly renowned German label "Bildstörung."