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The 13th Disciple

Wurdilak – The Soulcatcher

Soko Donau/Wien (Vienna Crime Squad)

Hepzibah aka: The Village

Tatort:  Rache-Engel (Scene of the Crime:  Avenging Angel)

Stella Stellaris

About the film: Robert Sigl - Stella Stellaris

A miniseries about an extraterrestrial by the name of Stella from the planet Stellaris who is sent to planet earth to study the feelings and emotions of human beings. Her supernatural powers soon create havoc...


Sissi Perlinger, Karl Michael Vogler, Kamil Krawiec, Gunther Philipp, Alexandra Maria Lara

Directed by:
Robert Sigl

Screenplay by:
Iris Kiefer, Bernd Kiefer

Cinematography by:
Grzegorz Kedzierski

Music by:
Gerhard Daum

Special Effects by:
Vierte Art Olaf Schirm

A Bavaria Film Production

16. 11. 2017

16. 09. 2017

December 1, 2017, is the street date for Robert Sigl's cult movie LAURIN, beautifully restored and remastered by the highly renowned German label "Bildstörung."