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Wurdilak – The Soulcatcher


Wurdilak – The Soulcatcher

About the film: Robert Sigl - Wurdilak – The Soulcatcher

A fantasy/fairy tale set in the far north more than 100 years ago. Following the deaths of their parents who were lured into a blizzard when trying to hunt down a strange white wolf, little Kara and her handicapped brother Rupert are placed in the custody of their aunt Henrietta, who runs an orphanage on a remote, snowbound island. Kara and Rupert find out that all the other children act very strangely, as if their souls had been taken. Kara discovers that Henrietta is in league with dark forces and sacrifices the orphans’ souls to Wurdilak, the notorious soul catcher. For every soul she’s able to deliver, Wurdilak allows Henrietta’s deceased lover Hendryk Withers to change back from the shape of the ghostly white wolf to a living human being again for a few hours. Soon Rupert’s soul is taken, as well. With a magic relic, the Tupilak (a re-animated bird with three human heads), Kara must find Wurdilak’s hiding place to win back Rupert’s and the other children’s souls.
(Screenplay was funded by FFA/Filmförderungsanstalt and is available in both English and German)


16. 11. 2017


16. 09. 2017

December 1, 2017, is the street date for Robert Sigl's cult movie LAURIN, beautifully restored and remastered by the highly renowned German label "Bildstörung."