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The 13th Disciple


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The 13th Disciple

About the film: Robert Sigl - The 13th Disciple

The story traces the journey of two German archaeologists looking for evidence that Jesus visited India. The researchers, who are twins themselves, discover that Jesus had an evil twin brother who is reincarnated in the present as the scheming head of a religious sect.
The announcement of The 13th Disciple on the sidelines of the 38th International Film Festival of India set off an avalanche of international press articles due to its daring premise. Robert Sigl’s occult horror-thriller is in the stage of financing. Shooting is planned for the beginning of 2013 in India.
(Screenplay available in English)
Producer: Mario Stefan for


16. 11. 2017

16. 09. 2017

December 1, 2017, is the street date for Robert Sigl's cult movie LAURIN, beautifully restored and remastered by the highly renowned German label "Bildstörung."