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Lexx – The Dark Zone:  Giga Shadow

Hepzibah aka: The Village

Wurdilak – The Soulcatcher

Tatort:  Rache-Engel (Scene of the Crime:  Avenging Angel)

The 13th Disciple


About the film: Robert Sigl - Medusa

A thriller dealing with intriguing themes such as mind control experiments, lethal psychokinetic powers, cryogenics and multiple personality disorders.
Dr. Martin Helstrom, a specialist in hypnotherapy, takes his wife and little son with him while he is working in a prestigious mental hospital operated by his uncle in a remote location in the snowbound Rockies. Soon strange occurrences in the institute make him doubt his own sanity. Unknown to him Martin was a victim of mind-control experiments in the same hospital some thirty years ago.
When the monster that was planted in his mind finally awakens, all hell breaks loose.
(Screenplay was funded by MEDIA and FFFBayern and is available in English)


16. 11. 2017

16. 09. 2017

December 1, 2017, is the street date for Robert Sigl's cult movie LAURIN, beautifully restored and remastered by the highly renowned German label "Bildstörung."